How to Buy a Safe

We want to help you select the right safe for your specific needs, if you have any further question please don’t hesitate to give us a call. 

1. What are you placing on the safe?

Documents, jewelry, guns, data storage (CDs, DVDs, hard drives, …).

2. What size do you need?

The size of your safe determines how much you can keep in it. Though most households   don't need to store a large amount of documents, businesses often do. Choose a safe that offers plenty of room for your valuables.  Make sure you leave enough room for growth. Home use as well as office use tends to increase over time. Leave room for expansion of your safe needs.


3. What is the purpose of your safe?

Burglary, fire or both.
Look at the fire and burglary safe ratings and decide what kind of protection you need.
Note that Standard Fire document Safes will NOT protect your valuable computer data from fire because data storage is stored on plastic based materials, you will require a DATA FIRE SAFE to protect your business data such as Back-up Tapes. All Data and Media Fire safes ensure that plastic media remains below its melting point - 52 degrees C - for up to 2 hours in a fire depending on model. Digital Media Safes will only protect CD/DVD formats, USB Flash drives, External Back up Drives and Paper Documents. 

4. Choose the type of Lock

Please check our Digital Lock Vs. Combination dial section for more information on this topic.

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