Why buy a Depository Safe

Depository safes also called drop safes or cash safes are an easy way to keep your valuables and money inside your business more secure.  Employees don’t need to have access inside the safe; they just easily drop cash, receipts, and cheques when needed. A depository safe allows you to control who has access to your stuff.

Cash safes can have digital or mechanical dial locks. Dial locks are more robust and the dial will never wear out or need to be replaced, and it will not automatically lock you out from repeated failed efforts to access. The disadvantage is that you not only have to remember the numbers of the combination, but also the pattern and direction to turn the dial. If you miss the mark, you have to start over; also if you ever want to change your combination, you will have to contact the manufacturer or a locksmith, which can be really problematic if you have a high employee turnover.  Electronic locks on the other hand offer a quick and simple way of just pressing the correct sequence of buttons which then allows the safe door to be unlocked, you don’t have to do anything extra to lock the safe, just close it. Digital locks are equipped so that the owner of the safe is able to set/change their combinations as many times as needed.

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